2024: Crisis Management Days Book of Abstracts
Sustainability (Tourism, Corporations, Transport)

Cycling tourism in Turopolje: A path towards sustainable development

Maja Toth
Turistička zajednica grada Velika Gorica

Published 2024-05-20


  • cycling tourism,
  • sustainable development,
  • Turopolje,
  • Cycling Infrastructure


"Cycling Tourism in Turopolje: A Path Towards Sustainable Development" explores the
increasing popularity of cycling tourism as a form of sustainable tourism in Turopolje, a picturesque
area not far from Zagreb. This abstract analyzes the key elements of cycling tourism in Turopolje,
highlighting the benefits for the local community and environment, but also the challenges that need
to be overcome.
Turopolje offers diverse routes and paths suitable for cyclists, passing through forest areas, fields,
rare riverbanks, and picturesque villages. Cycling tourists have the opportunity to explore the rich
cultural and natural heritage of this area, visiting historical landmarks, traditional crafts, and
enjoying local cuisine and hospitality.
In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle and recreation, cycling tourism in Turopolje contributes to
sustainable development by encouraging the local economy, preserving natural resources, and
supporting local entrepreneurs. Through employing the local population, promoting traditional crafts
and cultural events, and encouraging the preservation of natural habitats, cycling tourism becomes an
integral part of the local community.
However, challenges such as the lack of infrastructure for cyclists, the need for education and
promotion, and balancing tourist needs with environmental preservation require a comprehensive
approach and collaboration of all stakeholders. Implementing sustainable destination management
practices, investing in cycling infrastructure, and promoting environmentally conscious travel are key
steps towards achieving the goals of sustainable cycling tourism in Turopolje.
Overall, cycling tourism in Turopolje represents an attractive option for tourists seeking an authentic
experience in nature and culture while simultaneously supporting the sustainable development of the
local community. Through investment in infrastructure, education, and promotion, Turopolje can
become an example of a sustainable tourist destination that preserves and promotes its natural and
cultural resources, while at the same time providing unforgettable experiences to visitors.