2024: Crisis Management Days Book of Abstracts
Security and Protection (National and International Security, Corporate and Information Security, Disaster Risk Reduction)

Fostering Resilience and Protection: The Role of the Knowledge Hub in Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Security

Jelena Levak
SITNA SLOVA Consultancy

Published 2024-05-20


  • Critical Infrastructure Protection,
  • Resilience Infrastructure,
  • Data-driven Policy-making,
  • Innovation in Security,
  • EU-wide Knowledge Network


The EU-CIP Knowledge Hub is a new initiative aimed at fostering innovation, collaboration,
and advancement within the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Critical Infrastructure
Resilience (CIR) sectors. This platform is designed to serve as a vibrant ecosystem that enables
stakeholders from various fields such as cybersecurity, energy, transportation, and
telecommunications to access and share knowledge, results, services, and infrastructures.
Key features of the Knowledge Hub include facilitating access to the latest research findings,
technological innovations, and policy initiatives. It aims to engage a network of experts and
peers dedicated to advancing these fields and contributes to shaping the future direction of
related initiatives within the EU.
The Hub is positioned as a central meeting point that boosts knowledge sharing and
collaborative efforts among all stakeholders, helping them drive innovation, shape policy, and
advance the state of critical infrastructure protection and resilience. The Knowledge Hub also
emphasizes the socio-economic and environmental impacts of effective critical infrastructure
protection, highlighting the benefits of sustainable practices and the integration of cutting-edge
technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT.
Overall, the EU-CIP Knowledge Hub represents a significant step toward enhancing the
resilience and protection capabilities across Europe, fostering a safer and more connected