2024: Crisis Management Days Book of Abstracts
Security and Protection (National and International Security, Corporate and Information Security, Disaster Risk Reduction)

Crisis management in correctional facilities

Adisa Jusić
Faculty of Law, University of Travnik
Nedžad Korajlić
Faculty of Criminology, Criminology and Security Studies, University of Sarajevo

Published 2024-05-20


  • correctional facilities,
  • crisis situations,
  • hostage crises,
  • crisis management,
  • interventions,
  • security
  • ...More


Correctional facilities, as highly sensitive and specific institutions within the judicial system, primarily aimed at security, isolation, and supervision of convicted individuals serving prison sentences for committed crimes or those suspected of them, are often exposed to various challenges, including crises. Crises in correctional facilities represent complex situations that require prompt and tactical actions to prevent serious consequences for the safety of staff, inmates, and the institution itself. This paper explores the nature, causes, and consequences of riots and hostage crises within correctional facilities, and examines strategies for managing and intervening in such crisis situations. By providing a deeper insight into the complexity of hostage crises, the paper identifies best practices and recommendations for enhancing crisis management systems in correctional facilities. Key aspects include coordinated actions of staff, training of negotiators and tactical teams, and effective communication within the institution and with external agencies. Furthermore, the paper emphasizes the necessity of continuous preparation and training of staff to ensure adequate response and prevention of hostage crises within correctional facilities.