2024: Crisis Management Days Book of Abstracts
Security and Protection (National and International Security, Corporate and Information Security, Disaster Risk Reduction)

Security risk management strategies in postal traffic: Approaches, challenges and guidelines

Marijan Binički
Croatian Post
Pero Škorput
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences
Tomislav Kljak
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences

Published 2024-05-20


  • postal systems,
  • safety,
  • risk,
  • protection,
  • incident management


The paper investigates the management of security risks within the postal system. The
focus is on analyzing security risks associated with key elements and processes in postal traffic,
considering the likelihood of occurrence and the consequences of potential adverse events. The
paper emphasizes that complete security and protection in a technical sense are neither
achievable nor economical; therefore, it proposes the application of methods for risk balancing
and control using the Trade-Off method. The use of the concept of risk-tolerant intensity in
operational and security assessments is suggested. The paper systematizes security risks in
terms of the potential for material or non-material damage due to the exploitation of system
weaknesses by threats under certain circumstances.


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