Crisis Management and Attitudes on Climate Change


  • Majda Tafra-Vlahović R.I.T. Croatia
  • Ana Cvetinović Vlahović University of Applied Sciences Baltazar



climate change, sustainability, higher education, business schools, student awareness


This paper explores business school students’ climate change awareness and engagement capacity in relation to future engagement in the work environment. As part of planned longitudinal action research, it also discusses teachers’ accountability in the education process in higher education institutions. Research in this area has tended to deal more with awareness and less with opportunities to translate results into action. Students may be highly aware of climate change but are likely to ignore the key messages. Teachers, on the other hand,  sometimes act as if they see no elephant in the room. Focusing on the case of a U.S. business school in Croatia with many Croatian students, a triangulated methodology is used, including a survey, a focus group, and teacher observation. 


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How to Cite

Tafra-Vlahović, M., & Cvetinović Vlahović, A. (2022). Crisis Management and Attitudes on Climate Change. Annals of Disaster Risk Sciences, 4(1-2).




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